More Than Words

When I was younger I hated the phrase “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”. Usually it was some adult figure saying it to me and I didn’t want to hear it. We  have all observed a time where someone said they could do something, but when it came time to prove it they can’t. I can even remember in my own life a time where I couldn’t back up what I said.

We see Paul encounter a similar situation in the Corinthian church. People where talking and even arguing about the Gospel, but no one was doing anything. It lead Paul to say this in 1st Corinthians 4:15:

For the kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.

Our Current series at City Lights about the Kingdom of God. We are talking about how it is not just a place reserved for us in the future, but is a accessible to us now. It should change they way we view ourselves, how we view our situations and how we interact with people. We have done 13 sermons on it. We have based our homegroup discussions on it.  We even have songs to sing about the Kingdom. Those are all great and needed things, but there comes a time when we have to put some action behind what we discuss.

The world does not need a church who just talks about the transforming power of the gospel. They need to see it in action. They need to see it in the way we love our neighbors and our enemies. They need to see it in how we treat the poor, the needy, and the broken. They need to see it in how we respond in tough circumstances. Let’s not just be a Sunday morning church, but a church of action throughout the week.


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  1. Lynda Reply

    Great verse for putting the Kingdom into action! I couldn’t agree more with the message and mission of this blog. Througout this series i have been asking God what my part in his kingdom mission is. My mindset before, which I think is the complacency of many, was just praying for his will and setting a good example to bring others to Christ but not really pushing his kingdom or message on anyone, because I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable…or myself uncomfortable. While it is important to set a godly example for others, it is not enough. God is looking for obedience, obedience and willingness in our hearts through action. We pray for this Scranton area fervently which is so important for his anointing on this area and preparing hearts, but the next step to his kingdom coming is obedience through his people. His kingdom starts in our hearts and then spreads to others through action. If you are having trouble stepping out and being obedient to the Holy Spirit when he leads you to action I would ask you to examine your own heart. Do you believe in Gods kingdom in your own life; his power, his miracle working heart, his healing hands, his sweet promises to you. Take hold of the kingdom in your own life, heart, and mind and let it propel you forward to spread his kingdom in this Scranton area and on earth. His kingdom starts in our hearts and activates our faith that he is all-powerful and heavily working in this area through us and the steps we take in being obedient to his voice.

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